1000s of Images of Dresses, Hair, Makeup & Limos for Your Ball

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Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to view 1000s of images of ball and red carpet dresses, event hair and makeup ideas, limousines, and everything you could possibly need for your school or gala ball.

New to Pinterest?  Pinterest allows you save and organise images you like from anywhere on the web using their Pin It Button - making it the perfect tool to help you store images of things you like for your school ball.  Check out our School Balls Pinterest page here to find stunning ball dresses available in Perth, ideas and inspirations for custom design ball gowns, amazing hair style ideas, limousine images, images of what not to wear to your school ball etc, etc.


Pinterest is free to join and allows you to create countless boards to store your images for example you can create a boards for images of Limos, Ball Dresses, Shoes, Jewellery, Hair and Makeup etc.  Once you have created your boards, anytime you see an image you like on the web you simply click the Pin it Button and save the image to the appropriate board.  You can also re-pin any of the images you see on pinterest to your boards. 


How to join Pinterest

To sign up for Pinterest, go to www.pinterest.com and select the button "Join Pinterest" at the top of the page


How to add the Pin It Button

Instructions to add the Pin It Button to your tool bar to allow you to pin images found anywhere on the web can be found here.   http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/


Create an account, view our school ball galleries or pinterest page and start pinning - you will love it.