SKIVA is an Australian based online clothing brand specialising in women’s evening wear and dresses for special occasions. Our mission is to create quality and exclusive designer clothing at a reasonable price.

We design our clothes in Australia and source our fabrics, trim and accessories from markets all over the world, bringing these materials together to create a product that is exclusive and to the highest standard. We don’t mass produce, nor do we cut corners. Our attention to detail ensures you get a product you will love.

The SKIVA style is classy, sharp and uncomplicated. It’s clothing that stands out without being too over the top. It’s sexy, yet tasteful. Doesn’t compromise on comfort, fits well and makes you feel amazing. We offer our products online so we can give you the standard of a designer brand product at the best price possible.

As we are based in Perth if you are interested in trying on one of our dresses you can contact us to arrange a fitting. Our dressmaker can also assist with any alterations for a more custom fit.

For more information call Meiske on 0468 465 944