LASHD - School Ball Makeup Artists

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LASHD puts your self-care at your fingertips, with a range of high-quality beauty therapists and health & fitness gurus on demand. Too busy to make it to a salon? Prefer to book your beauty appointments for a time and a place that suits you, in the comfort of your own home, at the office, or at that special event? LASHD puts you in control with the most convenient, user-friendly mobile beauty appointment app on the market.

How it works:

* Choose the service you need from our list of service categories

* Select either single or group booking

* Select the date and time you'd like the service to be completed, or request services on demand if you need it now!

* Choose your service provider from a list of available Creatives

* Send your request

* You'll be notified when your Creative has accepted or declined your request

* Once accepted, a chat thread is enabled between Client and Creative.

No more struggling with hard to use mobile beauty appointment apps or rushing to make it to salon appointments, thanks to LASHD! Finding those beauty treatments when and where you want them has never been easier. LASHD delivers your head-to-toe ‘glow’ from your mobile to your door.

From hair, nails, lashes, and waxing, to personal training and even life coaching – LASHD has all your beauty, health and wellness needs covered.