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Your guide to buying school ball dresses in Perth and high school formal dresses in Australia.


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No matter where you live in Australia be it Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or Hobart if you are a girl entering year 12 you will be looking for your dream school formal dress, school ball dress, leavers ball dress or deb ball dress.  In different states your night of nights is referred to as either your school ball, high school formal, leavers ball, or debutane ball.


It is recommended you start shopping for your dress approximately 6 months before your big night.


Today there are an abundance of shops selling these formal dresses and ball gowns in across Australia. However with the technology at hand today girls are often tempted at buying dresses from overseas. This can result in tears and disaster. Read our blog 'Warning Buying Ball Dresses Online from Overseas'.

Watch this video on how to choose the right style formal dresses and ball gowns to suit your body type.