Your School Ball Guide to a Stress Free Perth School Ball


Find School Formal & School Ball Tips Perth WA. Tips for ball dress shopping, ball gowns, suit hire perth, limo hire perth, ball photos, ball hair, makeup, corsages and the dos & donts from former students.


Get Organised Early
Use your school holidays between Year 11 and 12 to organise everything you need for your ball, so when you start year 12 you have everything sorted and are ready to study.

Ball Dresses Perth , Formal Ball Gowns Shopping Tips 

Start looking around for your school ball dress about 6 months prior to your ball.  If your ball dress has to be ordered in for you it can take up to 12 weeks for delivery. Many Perth ball dress shops have ball registers now to avoid double ups of your ball dress at your school ball. 

If you leave it too late to shop around you may find the ball dress or ball gown you love is not available as someone else has already ordered/purchased that ball dress for your school ball.

Ball dress shopping early allows you to time to pay off your ball dress.

Think twice about going ball dress shopping just with your friends. Lots of ball dress shops wont let you try on ball dresses without a parent. View ball dress & ball gown shops Perth WA

Some Perth ball dress shops will ask you to wear a disposable scarf over your face so you don't put makeup on their ball dresses, so don't freak out. At least you know if you buy a ball dress from these stores it wont have makeup stains on it.

If you want to take a photo of ball dress & ball gowns - ask the store/sales assistant for permission.

Try different style ball dresses to see what styles best suit your body ype read more here.

Lots of ball dresses and gowns look better on than they do on the hanger, so try them on.

Don’t be too hung up on a particular colour for your ball dress or ball gown, you’ll be surprised what colour actually suits you best and you probably wont end up buying the colour you set out to buy.

Before you buy ball dresses and ball gowns check garments carefully for pulls in the fabric, flaws and makeup stains etc.

Buying School Ball Dresses Online
Buying online is becoming more popular.  If you are considering buying online allow time for making, delivery, possible alterations, return/exchange, time to shop for shoes and accessories to match the colour. Consider and ask these questions of the supplier;


    if coming from overseas – this could add several weeks onto the postage time.  Several people have reported
    that the postage times have taken twice as long as stated, when coming from overseas

    amazing bargain and arrive at your night of nights to find other girls wearing the same dress to your ball. (You    
    might think this is highly unlikely, however, I have seen a gorgeous dress online overseas available through 4
    different companies, so the chances are higher than you think

Consider hiring or buying a pre-loved ball gowns. There are several places in Perth who stock high quality ball gowns and ball dresses, and you can save heaps find the shops here.

Is your school ball on a Saturday?
If your school ball is on a Saturday you might want to consider changing the start time of your ball to 7.30pm for pre dinner drinks.  Saturdays are the busiest day for weddings. If your school ball is on a Saturday many of the limousines companies may not be available to pick you up at 6.00pm for a 7.00pm drop off if they have a wedding booked on the same day. 





Dry Cleaners for you Ball Dress
Choose the dry cleaners to clean your ball dress carefully. Take your ball dress to them and ask if they can do the job, especially if it has sequins, beading, or is a delicate fabric. My ball dress came back with scorch marks on it!!!

Wrist Corsage
Going with a partner to your school ball?
Guys remember to order your date a wriste corsage and Girls remember to order a button hole corsage for your guy date and DON'T forget to pick it up on the day - better still get it delivered. 

Check out our instructions on how to pin the button hole flower to your dates suit.

Ordering Corsages and Buttonholes?
Organise your group to all order their corsages and buttonholes all through the one business and have them delivered to the house holding pre's, or organise for one person to pick all your groups corsages up and take them to the pre's to save everyone organising and collecting individually. Check out these businesses who make corsages and button hole flowers in Perth.


                                                                                           School Ball Photos

Allow time for photos.  We are continually being told ‘we wish we had taken more photos”.

The school ball is a great opportunity to take some nice family photos and individual photos of you all dressed up.

Take heaps of photos at pre’s, sometimes it can be too dark when the limo takes you for photos depending on the weather, and you probably wont take to many at the ball.


Don't spoil your ball night with alcohol.

Under 18's Alcohol and Limos
It is illegal for under 18 year olds to carry alcohol on board Limousines.

You will be really busy on the day getting ready going from one appointment to the next make sure you take time to eat and drink plenty of water. Sometimes the food at the ball can be quite fancy and you don’t eat much or your having to much fun to eat.

School Ball Hair and Makeup

If you are getting your hair and makeup done, some mobile makeup artists and mobile hair & makeup artists who give discounts for small group bookings, remember to ask when talking to them. View mobile makeup artists Perth or hair and makeup artists perth, salon makeup artists and salon hair & makeup artists perth.

Organising School Ball Limo Hire Perth

Appoint someone in your group to do the phoning around, booking and collection of money, for your ball limo.

This way you don't double up. Check out a full listing of all Limo Hire Perth WA.  If you want to narrow down your seach click on the individual types of limos categories.

Pre Ball Function Limo Parking
Make sure parking is available for the limousine or Limousines so they can park safely to collect the kids at the pre ball function.  Perhaps mention this to parents and friends attending the school ball pre's and let them know exactly how many limousines will be attending so they know how much room to leave. It can be quite difficult for Limousines to turn around especially when there are lots of cars, narrow roads or cul-de-sacs etc.
Be aware that certain types of curls can substantially shorten the length of your hair.  Chek out our school ball hair ideas gallery.

School Ball Dress hanging straps
Cut them off !!!!  – They always manage to creep up and hang out and ruin photos You can always sew them back in again after the ball if they are needed for hanging.

Double sided tape
Invest in a tin of double sided tape and take it with you – you don’t want to be the next wardrobe malfunction on youtube hanging out of your ball dress.

Select the right bra
Nothing looks worse than seeing your bra when you are all dressed up!! If you are wearing a strapless dress by a strapless bra even the clear straps will show up in photos.

Tan LInes
If you have visible tan lines in your dress invest in a spary tan, you will regret it when you look back at your photos.  

Creams and Body Lotions
Don’t use new body or face creams before your ball – you might have an allergic reaction.

Music for the School Ball Limo
Appoint someone in your group to bring their ipod or burn a cd for the Limo ride. Find a list of  Limo Hire Perth and photo gallery of the  types of Limo hire Perth WA.