Top 3 Money Saving Tips for Your School Ball


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 3 Tips to Save Money for your School Ball

Set a budget. With the cost of school ball tickets between $95 and $115 across Pert schools and limo hire between $60 and $140 per person, before you start thinking about what you will wear etc you will have spent between $155 and $255.

When you are purchasing lots of different items, which you will be doing over a period of approx 6 months it is very easy to lose track of the total amount of money being spent. Even when you think you have been very thrifty, when you add up all the incidentals it is hard can be hard to believe the total. 

Down load our FREE School Ball Expenses Tracker – simply enter in the amounts you have spent on particular items and it will auto calculate your expenses as you go helping you to stay on budget.

Start looking for your ball dress early!  Many Perth ball dress shops will have sales and discount offers between December and April, however, these are rarely widely advertised making it difficult to find out who, when and where the sales are on.

Currently there are over Perth 30 ball dress shops advertising with us who inform us of their up and coming sales and any special discounts they want to offer via the website.  These discounts can be found on our Sales and Discount Offers page.  

Consider all your ball dress options buying a new or recycled ball gown, hiring a ball gown or borrow an amazing dress.

Group discounts.  If you are getting your hair and makeup done professionally there are great discounts for group bookings with many operators offering discounts for doing 2 or more girls makeup/hair at the one location. 

This can be a great way of saving money and can be a really fun experience getting ready together with your special friends.