The quest for the perfect ball dress or ball gown Perth


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The quest for the perfect ball dress or ball gown!



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As Featured On EzineArticlesThe school ball, high school formal or prom is the biggest social event on the school calendar and a really exciting event especially for girls. For most girls it’s their first chance to wear a stunning ball dress and to go all out with gorgeous makeup, hair, shoes and jewellery, and so the quest for finding the perfect ball dress begins.

Finding the perfect ball dress is so much easier today with;

·         most states in Australia having a dedicated school ball planning website helping students find out where to shop for ball dresses

·         the luxury of shopping for ball dresses 24 hours a day with most ball dress shops having their own websites

·         the choice between buying a new ball gown, a high quality recycled ball gown, or hiring a ball gown

·         having their dream dress made to measure, or having a dress designed for them

·         they can even order and buy a ball dress on the internet from anywhere in the world

·         and the peace of mind knowing no one else will be at their ball in the same ball dress, not even in the same colour with most ball dress stores running ball dress registers

·         many ball dress stores now stock jewellery, shoes, hair accessories and clutches to compliment their dresses

Traditionally each season has its ‘in’ colours & ‘styles’ but pretty much anything goes today when it comes to colours and styles within reason...... Some schools are sending girls home or telling them to cover up if teachers deem they are showing too much skin, whilst others request girls produce a photo of their dress prior to their ball for approval in order to avoid disappointment on their night of nights.

Ball dress shopping tips

Start looking early at least 3 - 6 month prior to your school ball to allow time for possible delivery. Shopping early allows time to pay off your ball dress.

Take a parent with you.  Lots of ball dress shops don’t allow girls try on ball dresses without a parent.

Don’t judge a ball dress shop by the pictures on their website. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes girls make.  Most ball dress shops have new stock coming in regularly, and the photos on their websites are not continually updated. Colours and detailing on ball dresses can also be lost in a photo.  Use websites as a source to know where to go shopping for your dream ball dress, how to get there, opening times.

Don’t be too hung up on a particular colour for your ball dress, try on heaps of different colour ball dresses, you’ll be surprised what colour actually suits you and you probably won’t end up buying the colour ball dress you set out to buy.

When you first go out ball dress shopping try on lots of different style dresses to see which style suits you best. Once you’ve decided what style suits you best you can narrow down your search for the perfect ball dress.

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