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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The West Australian school ball photo shoot
Monique & Paige with Glamour Limousines
Surviving the school ball season by Lindsay McPhee

Published in The West Australian Newspaper Saturday 13th February 2010.

You can take the pain out ot this rite of passge, as Lindsay McPhee discovers

The school ball season is well and truly upon us and for many high school students it is a production only to be outdone by their wedding day.

With frocks, limousines, beautician appointments, corsages and hairdressers to be negotiated, this rite of passage for Year 12s eager to leave school and get out into the world can be a minefiled for parents and students alike.

When her daughter started making preparations for the school ball last year, Rossmoyne mother Kylie Christie became increasingly frustrated at the amount of time she and her friends spent planning their big night, rather than studying.

Realising other paretns were encountering the same problem, she created - an internet site for WA students to source everything from spray tans and dress alterations to hair and make-up ideas.

"There are heaps of wedding planning site and I was shcocked there was nothing for school balls," Mrs Christie said.

"The girls were spending so much time searching for things and for many students they've probably never needed a ball dress or used a beautician before so they don't know where to go.

"As a parent, although it was frustrating, planning the ball was just as exciting for me as it was for her."

Mrs Christie said parents should be involved in planning thier children's big night and by working together they could avoid the drama of forgotten corsages, overbooked limos and bad photographs.

"What a lot of people don'd know is that some dress shops won't allow the girls to try on dresses unless they have a parent with them and some makeup artists will give discounts for group bookings," Mrs Christie said.

She said the most popular mistakes were forgetting buttonhole flowers, not leaving enought ime for photographs before the ball and using new creams or cosmetics that could cause allergic reactions.

Good planning, trying no to get carried away and making sure sons and duaghters were aware of the behaviour their parents and school expected of them were the key.

"A lot of them have such high expectations and they are a bit let down if things don't turn out the way they hoped," she said.

"It's important parents are involved and have some input - that way they have control over what is being spent, can makde sure the kids aren't getting carried away and they get to enjoy the experience as well as the kid.


Get organised early.

When shopping for a dress don’t wear make-up or jewellery. Wear comfortable shoes
and take a parent with you.

Don’t try new body or face creams before your ball.

Cut off hanging straps on your dress.
If you are getting your hair & makeup done, ask about group discounts.

Organise buttonholes & corsages for your partners.
Book your limo early and assign someone to organise a music cd for the limo.
Eat well and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Allow enough time for photos. It could be too dark when the limo picks you up or have bad weather and you may regret not having more photos later.
Don’t spoil you big night with alcohol.   
Choose a drycleaner carefully.