Custom Made Ball Gowns Perth


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So you have seen a picture of your dream ball dress but can’t seem to find anything like it anywhere?

With over 30+ ball dress shops in Perth alone it seems hard to believe that some girls can not find a dress they like!  It is not as simple as it sounds though, quite often girls have seen a picture on the internet or in a magazine of a dress they love or a particular aspect of the dress and want something like it.  This is where to problem arises as they can't often find it ready made for sale on the racks of ball dress stores. In this case they should look into getting a ball dress custom made.

If you are looking into a custom made ball dress it is recommended to try on ball dresses or gowns in similar styles and fabrics to the dress you want to get made to make sure the style and fabric you like in the photos actually suit your body shape.  It is amazing how some colours and fabrics just don't suit some people.

There are several ball dress shops in Perth who offer a custom design service - 
find them here.  Take a photo or drawings of the dress or things you like into one of these ball dress stores offering custom designs and discuss with them your design concepts and get a quote on having your dream dress custom.

Remember to discuss types of fabrics, look at colours and all important how long the dress will take to make, possible alterations after it is finished etc.

One such store in Perth is Bonne Soiree.  Many school ball customers take in pictures of different dresses and come up with an individual design to be made.   Below is a photo of the picture taken to Bonne Soiree and a photo of the finished ball gown made exactly to the client’s measurements in the colour and fabric she wanted complete with a matching tie for her ball date.

Visit Bonne Soiree for their individual design catalogue ball dresses and custom made ball dresses Perth WA.