School Ball Limousine Hire Perth Made Easy



1.         The first and most important tip is to get organised early - remember there will be lots of 
            students trying to hire a limo for the same school ball date as you. In Perth during the peak 
            ball season it is not uncommon for 5 balls to be held on the same  night. If you leave it too 
            late you will find it difficult to secure a booking.

2          Sorting out who is going to be in your limo can cause a few dramas trying to include 
            everyone  and deciding on your limo group.  Currently in Perth there are 2 - 54 seater 
            limousines so there  are plenty of options available.

            When talking to limousine hire operators ask how many passengers the limousine is                        licensed to carry, to ensure you are not overloading and putting your safety at risk.

3          Once you have a rough idea who is going to be in your limo, appoint 1 or 2 people in your 
            group to do the phoning/emailing  around to Perth limousine hire companies and to make 
the booking and collection of money. Use our 'email all function' to quickly get quotes and 
            date availability from limousine operators - this will save you an enormous amount of time.
            (The email all button is at the top of each limousine hire cateogory page in green writting.)

4          A great way of communicating between everyone in your limo group is to create a private 
            facebook event for your limo booking group
. By doing this you can post links to photos of 
            the limos, the hire business website etc and everyone is kept up to date with the plans and 
            each individual can confirm they want to be included in the arrangements y saying they are 
            attending the event.

5.         Get a firm commitment from everyone in your school ball limo group by asking for the
             money  up front
or at least 50% deposit before paying the deposit to hold your 
            limousine hire date from your chosen Limousine hire company. This way the organisers  
            are not left out of pocket if someone pulls out. If circumstances change and one of the 
            group members has paid and changes their mind it is up to them to find a replacement 
            or lose their money.

6.         Get a firm contract with the limousine hire company and ask for a receipt.

7.         Keep in contact with the limousine hire company. If you have made a deposit and not 
            received  a receipt or confirmation of your booking within a fortnight CONTACT them to 
            ensure they have processed your booking.
8.         When making your booking ask the limousine hire company about possible transport 
            after the ball to any post ball functions
.  Limousine hire companies in Perth have varying 
            policies with regards to this.

9.         Plan ahead and decide where the limousine or limousines will park to safely collect you 
            from your designated pick up point.  Limousines need space and lots of it - perhaps 
            reserve a  parking  area for them. In Perth we have many cul-de-sacs and ways etc which 
            can make it quite difficult for some Limousines to turn around etc especially when there 
            are several limousines are  the pres and lots of cars etc.

10.       To ensure you enjoy the music for your limo ride your safest option is to make your own 
             CD  and give it to your limo driver, as  not all Ipods dock to car stereos, even with Ipod 
            docking. Be mindful of offensive language, verbally or in your music.