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School Ball Photography Tips

Jeremy Atlan has been an accomplished photographer in the States for many years. After working with Disney and Epcot Theme Park, and travelling America shooting for Convention Photography he has a few tricks up his sleeve that he would like to share with visitors.


When it comes to choosing a photographer for your school ball, select one you and your fellow students are comfortable with. Your ball is a very important occasion so choose a friendly, vibrant team that know their stuff!!

Try to set the Studio Photos up just outside the Main Ball Room. It will be a popular attraction throughout the night so it needs to be easily accessed. By having the Studio in the main room, the dance lights can interfere with the flash and create unflattering shadows.

Have lots of photos taken, that way you will have lots to choose from when it comes to buying your photos. Most 30 year olds tell me the last nice photo they have of themselves is from their High School Formal.... remember this and give yourself lots to choose from

Its important to have some formal photos with your date and close group of friends, this is best done while you are looking your best - often at the beginning of the night.

As the night wears on have fun with your poses... don't be afraid to be silly. When you look back in ten years, you'll have a good laugh at the "Zoolander" expression and the "Charlies Angels" pose.

When you're out on the dance floor, keep one eye opened..... Roaming photographers are just like paparazzi.... you never know when they will strike.

Now I don't want to tell you to practice your pose in the mirror.... but I will! Everyone has a side that is better, left or right, find yours and you'll look great in every photo.  Look at the celebs, they all have a few looks that are repeated in every magazine... there is a reason for this!

When it comes to ordering your photos, think about Christmas gifts.... Parents and Grandparents love to show off their family's special day to all their friends.

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